Presenting the history of American Art as seen through the eyes of Provincetown

Judyth Katz



Judyth Katz is, and has been for many, many years, a talented and original artist, albeit a bit too modest in accepting one-person exhibitions in Provincetown. Many in the Outer Cape art community were not aware of her exceptional talents until she premiered a one-person exhibition at Berta Walker Gallery in "Discoveries, 2012". Katz has been making art her entire life, showing professionally in CT., New York, the Cape, and elsewhere, but her one-person show last season led Berta Walker to exclaim: "Judyth Katz's pastels are gorgeous, with lush markings and a fresh exuberance! I am struck by the sense of freedom and expression she achieves in pastel that parallel's that of Charles Burchfield. While the format is oftensmall, the work has an expansive quality bringing the viewer right into the environment that has inspired Katz in the first place."

Katz left an early career in child psychotherapy for full time parenting. During those years she was able to work in fiber, taking up weaving, quilting and paper making. This proved not challenging enough and so she turned to the Silvermine School of Art in CT. She studied with many people but did not find her most important teacher, Jakki Kouffman, until 1994, in a class for portraiture. There she was introduced to pastel which seemed like a natural fit. This was added to acrylic painting and work with oil pastels and sticks. Her acrylic/pastel landscapes weave color and shape that is sensual and tactile. Probably her many years as a weaver and papermaker have informed her unusual process of weaving the patterns and light in these beautiful, unique works of art. "My most frequent subject is landscape, often dramatic. Whether the scope of the landscape is vast (e.g. Big Sur, CA; Bryce Canyon, Utah) or much narrowed (my garden), I'm most excited by the interplay of form and color. Forms are often abstracted, reduced and may or may not relate to the local color. A successful landscape engages the eye and the heart in excitement and yet, I hope, soothes the spirit, reminding us that beautiful and peaceful places still exist."

Judyth has summered in Truro for 45 years. "Truro is my refuge."