Presenting the history of American Art as seen through the eyes of Provincetown

Anne MacAdam



Anne MacAdam's landscape paintings reflect the exquisite structural relationships that she finds within the natural World, and the elemental power of our Human responses to its intrinsic order and sublime beauty.

Her paintings reveal the insights derived from her continuing explorations into a broad range of subjects: sand, sea, and sky, and perhaps most characteristically, the lush unforgetable color and intricate patterns in the Fall meadows and forests of Vermont.

MacAdam finds her "beginnings" by intense observation that leads her to an essential intimacy with her chosen images. She goes out "hunting" until she finds that undefinable combination of elements, relationships, and colors that touches her most deeply; that stops the searching eye; stills the inquiring mind; and whispers clues to the understanding she seeks. Her work then is to capture the essence of that transforming power as a natural expression of Truth.

Her results are Loving and intricately realized expressions of what she sees, and feels, in her profoundly empathic relationship with the Earth. The Artist also sincerely hopes that her work may make the viewer more alert to their own confrontations with Nature's random genius, so they too may come to cherish those unpredictable moments of stunned silence, transfixed by Her magical beauty, rhythms, and grace.