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John Romualdi



JOHN ROMUALDI has been making photographs since he was a teenager. To Romualdi, the photographer's gift and task is to notice; to see and then capture what is peculiar and compelling in the natural or man-made world. "Moments can pass by too easily, but once brought to the eye of the viewer, they evoke something that draws us in and satisfies...creating, as well, a sense of balance."

Romualdi is also a theatre and screen actor. Walker describes this series as "Theatre of the Absurd", for these photographs turn absurd objects such as an old manhole cover or the fungus on ancient wood, into images that touch our senses and spirit."

As a teenager, Romualdi accompanied his father, a forensic engineer, on accident reconstructions. "We used a small Leica camera and he would have me take extreme close-ups of broken glass and crumpled metal. I became fascinated by the random patterns that would be formed and soon began to notice these in the world around me." The artist has been exhibiting at Berta Walker Gallery since 2008. Romualdi is in a large number of private collections nationally and has exhibited in Los Angeles.