Presenting the history of American Art as seen through the eyes of Provincetown

Laura Shabott



Laura Shabott knew she was going to be an artist the first time she walked into the Yale Art Gallery, accessible by bus from her parent's home in North Haven, Connecticut. She attended the Educational Center for Arts at thirteen and Parsons School of Design at seventeen.

Personal challenges kept her from completing a degree in art until 1995 when Shabott received a Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at TUFTS in Boston. Concurrently, she discovered Provincetown and settled there, working as a server, bartender, front desk clerk, gallery assistant and arts writer.

About her art, Emily Mergel writes in Artscope Magazine "Shabott continually draws inspiration from abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann and breaks forms into their most evocative essentials… She seizes the opportunity to burst the gallery walls, speaking with intentional gesture in visual vocabulary all her own."

Joining Berta Walked Gallery in 2020, Shabott has been included in exhibitions at Cape Cod Museum of Art, Ely Center for Contemporary Arts, Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill.

I was introduced to Abstract Expressionist teacher Hans Hofmann (1883-1968) through connections at Berta Walker Gallery. This experience unlocked a painter in me that I had been waiting to meet for a long time. In keeping with the Hofmann tradition of pushing and pulling a two-dimensional surface, I make paintings that have an energy, a kind of animus that goes from my mind and heart through my hand with a brush loaded with oil paint and pigment sticks.

Drawing with charcoal from a model with a group of like-minded people who meet weekly forms the foundation of my art. These drawings are, in themselves, complete and are the fodder for works on canvas, wood, and paper. Another part of my art is teaching people who are ready to paint and draw after a lifetime of careers, children, making money, making choices, waiting. This is their time and I am their portal into a world of art by sticking a piece of charcoal in their hands and saying "GO!"