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Provincetown Gallery

July 28 - August 19
BUDD HOPKINS (1931-2011):Full Circle
Edgy Women of BWG: Sue Fuller  1914-2010) Ione Gaul Walker (1915 - 1987) Grace Hopkins, Blanche Lazzell (1889 - 1978), Erna Partoll, Agnes Weinrich (1843 - 1946)
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June 30 - July 22
JOSEPH DIGGS: "Life's Layers", abstract and figurative painting & The Many Languages of Landscape: VARUJAN BOGHOSIAN, BRENDA HOROWITZ, SKY POWER, MURRAY ZIMILES
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May 26 - June 14
SELINA TRIEFF: "Blessings" & Recent Work by Gallery Artists
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April 15 - May 18
Long Point Gallery Remembered
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Wellfleet Gallery

July 22-August 12 PAUL and BLAIR RESIKA: Tepoztlan, paintings, pastels and photographs
GILBERT FRANKLIN (1919-2004): Essence
Cape Modernists
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June 17 - July 15
WELLFLEET ARTISTS of the Berta Walker Galleries
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Gallery Artists

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Provincetown Gallery

October 13 - November 6
Women Choose Women
Historic Women of Provincetown
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September 16 - October 2
A Tribute to the Del Deo Family
Celebration of Fall Group Show
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August 19 - September 11
ROBERT HENRY, paintings
ROB DUTOIT, watercolors & pastels
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July 22 - August 14
Bound East For Provincetown, Centennial Celebration of “The Great Summer of Provincetown”
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June 10 - July 10
Naughty Nineties, Our celebration of four Provincetown-affiliated artists now on the cusp of 90! Varujan Boghosian, Carmen Cicero, Edward Giobbi, Gloria Nardin
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May 6 - July 5
Renaissance Dream Drawings, Nancy Craig
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April 22 - May 22
Thar She Blows!, A salute to Provincetown's whaling and fishing heritage.
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Wellfleet Gallery

September 3 - September 19
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July 30 - August 21
Houses in Provence: PAUL RESIKA
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June 25 - July 23
Imagined Reality: Donald Beal
In the Realm of Hope: Sky Power
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Gallery Artists

"Varujan Boghosian: Master Bricoleur" at Kent Fine Art, New York. On Exhibit through Saturday, January 23rd, 2016
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May 22 - June 14, 2015
A Celebration of Life Through Color, Selina Trieff (1/7/34 - 1/14/15), Memorial Exhibition of paintings & drawings
Made in Provincetown: Hans Hofmann (1880-1966), drawings and watercolors
2015: Lazzell’s Centennial in Provincetown,: Blanche Lazzell (1878-1956), white line prints and mixed media works on paper
Plus students of Hofmann affiliated with Berta Walker Gallery: Robert Henry, Brenda Horowitz, Penelope Jencks, Paul Resika
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June 19 - July 12, 2015
Beach Series: Penelope Jencks
On the Cape: Romolo Del Deo, Rob Du Toit, Elspeth Halvorsen, Judyth Katz
Recent Acquisitions, Berta Walker Gallery: Byron Browne, Oliver Chaffee, Salvatore Del Deo, Marsden Hartley, Hans Hofmann, Budd Hopkins, Karl Knaths, Blanche Lazzell, Ross Moffett, Vollian Rann, Paul Resika, Agnes Weinrich
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July 17-August 9, 2015
Trio of Friends: Varujan Boghosian, Paul Resika, Sidney Simon
Mystical Landscapes: Brenda Horowitz, Sky Power, Murray Zimiles
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August 2, 2015
Berta Walker Opens Gallery in Wellfleet
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August 14 - September 13, 2015
“The Watch at Peaked Hill” by Josephine Couch Del Deo,Schiffer Publishers, with Salvatore Del Deo paintings and watercolors: Josephine and Salvatore Del Deo
“The Provincelands”: Gallery Artists honoring Josephine Del Deo
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August 26, 2015
Connected, Artists of BWG who live and create in Truro and Wellfleet
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September 18 - October 11, 2015
The Hotel Plays: David Kaplan & Ride Hamilton
Moments: Grace Hopkins, Susumu Kishihara, John Romualdi
Grand Scale paintings: Nancy Craig, Ed Giobbi, Anne Mac Adam, Nancy Whorf, others
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October 2015
Romolo Del Deo invited to participate in Florence Biennale
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November AT BWG Provincetown, 2015
Light and Colors of Fall: Gallery Artists
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May 23 - June 15, 2014
Going Fishing: A Tribute to our Industry 25th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition, Group Exhibition Benefit for the FISHERMEN'S MEMORIAL PUBLIC SCULPTURE BY ROMOLO DEL DEO
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June 20 - July 6, 2014
Three Artists/Three Towns: Peter Watts - Wellfleet, Brenda Horowitz - Truro, Nancy Whorf - Provincetown
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July 11 - July 27, 2014
Introductions: Rob Dutoit & Studio Environments: Varujan Boghosian, Robert Henry, Penelope Jencks, Danielle Mailer, Erna Partoll, Selina Trieff
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August 1 - August 17, 2014
Colors & Forms of Provincetown: Paul Resika & Mysteries in Color: Sky Power & Murray Zimiles
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August 22 - September 14, 2014
Provincetown Masters: Byron Browne, Edwin Dickinson, Marsden Hartley, Hans Hofmann, Charles Heinz, Karl Knaths, Herman Maril, Ross Moffett, Blanche Lazzell, Vollian Rann, abe Walkowitz, Agnes Weinrich and others. Benefit Exhibition in support of PAAM's 100th Anniversary
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September 19 - October 12, 2014
Photography and Photographic Installations: Jay Critchley, David Kaplan, Susumu Kishihara, Dana Mccannel, Blair Resika, John Thomas
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May 24 - June 16, 2013
Recovered Poetry: Three Masters of Construction and Collage: Elspeth Halvorsen, Ed Giobbi, Varujan Boghosian
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June 21 - July 14, 2013
Landscape Spirit: Sky Power, recent paintings
Maquettes for Outdoor Sculpture Commissions: Romolo Del Deo
On The Road: Provincetown Masters mixed media group exhibition
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July 19 - August 11, 2013
It all Started With...: Robert Henry, large-scale paintings and gouaches
Patterns in Pastel: Judyth Katz
Cape Vignettes: Salvatore Del Deo, small paintings
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August 16 - September 8, 2013
Activity by the Sea: Herman Maril, paintings and drawings
Movement and Light: Murray Zimiles, paintings and pastels
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September 13 - October 6, 2013
Figures, Faces, Fun, Fantasy: A celebration of Life through the spirit of great art, Group show of gallery artists and guests
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May 17 - June 17, 2012
ORBS: paintings and photographs recording the phenomenon of Orbs
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Painter of Provincetown: Nancy Whorf, Recent acquisitions
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June 22 - July 15
Transcending the Now: Selina Trieff, A Prophet Paints, 2012
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Vibrations of Color: Peter Watts
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July 20 - August 5, 2012
Animal Power: Danielle Mailer
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Brenda Horowitz: Nature Power
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August 10 - August 26, 2012
Color & Collaboration: Paul Resika & Varujan Boghosian
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Bronze and Steel Reformed: Sculpture by Romolo Del Deo, Gilbert Franklin, Dimitri Hadzi, Elspeth Halvorsen, Penelope Jencks, John Kearney, Danielle Mailer
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August 31 - September 16, 2012
Processing With Paper:, Donald Beal, Oliver Chaffee, Bill Fitts, Edward Hopper, Karl Knaths, Blanche Lazzell, Herman Maril, Erna Partoll, Agnes Weinrich
Mother Earth: Salvatore Del Deo, Robert Henry, Elspeth Halvorsen, Anne MacAdam, Sky Power and other Gallery artists
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