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2017 Press Releases

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Provincetown Gallery

July 28 - August 19

BUDD HOPKINS (1931-2011):Full Circle
Edgy Women of BWG: Sue Fuller  1914-2010) Ione Gaul Walker (1915 - 1987) Grace Hopkins, Blanche Lazzell (1889 - 1978), Erna Partoll, Agnes Weinrich (1843 - 1946)
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June 30 - July 22

JOSEPH DIGGS: "Life's Layers", abstract and figurative painting & The Many Languages of Landscape: VARUJAN BOGHOSIAN, BRENDA HOROWITZ, SKY POWER, MURRAY ZIMILES
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May 26 - June 14

SELINA TRIEFF: "Blessings" & Recent Work by Gallery Artists
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April 15 - May 18

Long Point Gallery Remembered
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Wellfleet Gallery

July 22-August 12

PAUL and BLAIR RESIKA: Tepoztlan, paintings, pastels and photographs
GILBERT FRANKLIN (1919-2004): Essence
Cape Modernists
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June 17 - July 15

WELLFLEET ARTISTS of the Berta Walker Galleries
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Gallery Artists

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